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Joe collaborated with me and thoroughly went through all my work to cut a reel that best suited me. He genuinely cared and on top of that he was fast! The quickest edit in the west. His instincts as a filmmaker and actor made my reel really pop. An amazing experience from start to finish.

- OLIVER COOPER (Red Oaks, Project X, The Hangover III, Californication)

Working with Joe was wonderful! He was really fast with the initial turn around and all the changes I requested. Joe helps to guide you with the reel process and has wonderful vision with the material you give him. 

- KELLY FRYE (The Flash, Anger Management)

Joe is a magician when it comes to acting reels. I've happily entrusted him with editing mine for 10 years. I've met and landed reps, booked several jobs, and felt inspired because of the quality acting reels Joe has created. He knows just how to stitch footage into a piece that's entertaining, marketable, and most importantly, starring your best! 

- KEVIN OESTENSTAD (Chicago P.D., CSI: Cyber)

Anyone with a decent computer can paste together a reel.  It takes a rare professional like Joe to highlight the essence of a performer and show them to best advantage. For most, the purpose of any reel is to get work and open new doors. I'm thrilled to say that I've just signed with a new management team, and it was this reel that made the decision-makers take notice.

- BRYAN BARTER (The Social Network)

Joe is the go-to guy for reels.  Never has getting a reel been so easy and less stressful, quite the contrast to this crazy industry.  He is quick to respond, easy to work with, open to ideas, and willing to try anything in order to assure you are as happy as can be with your reel.  I highly recommend Joe to anyone who needs to put any footage together.  Joe delivers above and beyond!

- PAULIE ROJAS (The Black List, The Witches of Oz)

I had limited usable footage, but Joe brilliantly worked with what I had to create a reel that tells a story of who I am as an actor.  He's a master editor.


I'm so glad I found Joe to edit my reels. He is extremely talented, with a keen eye for creating reels that really show off your strongest moments and range as an actor. He's patient and listens carefully to what the actor desires, while also bringing vast knowledge of what industry professionals are looking for. I will definitely use him again in the future! I highly recommend him!


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